Think It.   Do It.   Profit.   

Embroidery is only the "Clark Kent" of the business.   But when you look beneath the surface...

St. James Embroidery goes FAR beyond your traditional Embroidery Company. We specialize in anything Marketing related!

Vehicle Decals / Stickers / Signage
Custom Promotional Products

Don't know how to advertise to your market? Let us help! We are more than happy to work with you in developing the perfect marketing plan, including a logo specialized for your target market. We'll even write your business plan!

St. James Embroidery is your one-stop promotional company. We will stand by your side as you initially put your business into the market through its maturity stages, providing quality products with unmatched customer service.   Planning to open or expand a company can be overwhelming and flat out scary.   It would be our pleasure to aid in this process and allow your company to reach its full potential.

It's time to invest in something worthwhile; It's time to invest in you.